“Pegor is all about Distinction, Friendship & Love”

Hi there, I'm Khajag Barsoumian. I'm the founder and designer of Pegor.

2016 - When it all began...

Meet Khajag Barsoumian, a visionary entrepreneur and an expert jewelry designer and manufacturer. Khajag's journey began at Haigazian University, where he earned his skills in Advertising & Communication. However, his passion for crafting beautiful jewelry was ignited during his college days, as he learned the art of jewelry making from his father and uncle.

Khajag's heritage is firmly entrenched in the jewelry manufacturing field, with deep family roots, with the Barsoumian brothers establishing their workshop in 1987 in Beirut, Lebanon. The legacy of exceptional craftsmanship has thrived through the years, and Khajag has played a pivotal role in its evolution.

In 2016, Khajag embarked on a new chapter in the family business. He recognized the global potential of their exquisite designs and founded an online division to take their creations worldwide. Since then, the company has successfully delivered over 10,000 orders to more than 30 countries, solidifying their presence as a trusted name in the world of jewelry.

"Anchored Love" - Our first creation, a pair of silver necklaces with half-anchor designs, represents a couple's deep commitment to love. When brought together, the tags form a complete anchor, symbolizing unwavering devotion. Inscribed with heartfelt messages, these necklaces are a timeless reminder of love's strength and unity. This creation embodies our craftsmanship, blending love and artistry into something truly exceptional.

2018 -  Other items joined the family

As our market continued to flourish, we made a significant move to enhance our product portfolio. In response to the requests of our valued customers, we introduced a diverse collection of customizable gift items, extending beyond our signature jewelry. This expanded range now includes genuine branded leather wallets, stylish lighters, and an array of other premium gift options.

This strategic expansion was a testament to our commitment to meeting the diverse needs and preferences of our clientele. It allowed us to offer a broader, more comprehensive gifting experience, ensuring that we continue to be the go-to destination for discerning individuals seeking timeless, personalized gifts.


2020 -  From Local to Worldwide

After four years of dedicated presence and unwavering support from our loyal customer base in the local market, we found ourselves inspired to embark on an ambitious journey.

Fueled by this motivation, we made the strategic decision to transition from a local brand to a global presence, extending our reach to customers worldwide. This significant step emphasized our steadfast dedication to excellence and our vision to share our exceptional craftsmanship and heartfelt creations with a global audience.


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