“Pegor is all about Distinction, Friendship & Love”

Hi there, I'm Khajag Barsoumian, designer, jeweler and founder of Pegor.

P.S. most of my clients know me as "Jack"

2016 - When it all started...

It was when I joined my family business to learn about the basics of jewelry making and I came up with an idea to run my own brand and sell my creations online with the buyer's custom preferences.

"Anchored Love" the brand's first creation 

Here's my first creation, I designed two matching anchor-shaped silver necklaces each tag carrying a love message which vows a couple to fall for each other as deep as a sinking anchor.

2018 -  Other items joined the brand

As our market started to grow, many of our customers demanded other gift related items alongside the jewelry, so we started to expose a wide range of customizable gift items such as authentic branded leather wallets, watches, Zippo lighters and much more..


2020 -  From Local to Worldwide

After 4 years of expedition in the local market and support from our repeating customers, the brand was motivated and decided to expand from local to worldwide.


Now, anyone is welcome to our website to customize and experience the true meaning of Pegor from anywhere at anytime.

Let's shop !