Apple Watch Custom Sliders

$35 $55
Color: Silver

A Sliding Elegance for your Apple Watch

  • Choose your slider's color
  • Select your material option
  • Select your slider's quantity (up to 3 sliders for each smart watch)
  • Add Narrow Separators
  • Submit your custom text for engraving
  • Select your device (38 mm / 40 mm / 42 mm / 44 mm)
  • Add Charms
  • Add rubber strap (optional)
 Material   Silver 925 / Gold 18K
 Gold 18K Weight   3.50 grams
 Sliders Dimension   24 mm x 6 mm
 Plating Quality   Premium / Long-Lasting


Which Slider mix is right for you?

 ➤ Fits with all kinds of original Apple Smart Watches

➤ Premium quality craftsmanship using Silver 925 / Gold 18K

➤ Long-lasting Gold 18K plating

 You can customize and wear up to 3 sliders on each smartwatch

 Add Rubber Strap

 Processing Time   1 - 2 business days
 Shipping   3 - 5 business days


Sliders vs. Strap

Whether you have the 38 mm, 42 mm or the 44 mm Apple watch device, the rubber strap's width and the thickness is universal, therefore our sliders will fit with any original Apple smartwatch rubber strap.

About our Gold 18K Plating

In case you're ordering these sliders in silver 925 and you select gold color option, the sliders will be coated in a special gold 18K plating solution with a longer-lasting finish. 


About Customization

Unlimited personalization is granted for you to add any custom text and symbols on these sliders.